Hey you! Thanks for dropping by my slice of the internet and coming with me on this travel journey around the world. I am absolutely flattered you are here hanging out with me! Whether you are a brand, fellow blogger, a traveller looking for some inspiration or hoping to collaborate with me one way or another – I’m so very honored, you make me blush! 

I’m going to go ahead an assume you’ve read my About Me page at some point or another and know how this blog was created pretty much from a nickname I was given.

In the past few months, I’ve grown this site from having all of 3 people read this from day one, to an engaging, healthy following of >10,000 visitors across 6 continents. Although I do hope I’ll have a reader from Antarctica someday! (; I absolutely adore producing quality content within the Travel industry for my readers. From long form narratives to budget guides, cafe hunting, travel misses and fails, and to even picking out the best bits of the web for a weekly roundup of good reads.

I absolutely adore travel, but I equally love writing about it. Previously a corporate rat-racer, now turned um, professional traveller, I’ve amassed more than 2 years worth of travel experience across 5 continents and 45 countries. I’ve stopped counting countries now but I will never stop recounting the moments that take my breath away here on KoalaTravelstheWorld.

Travel is beyond beautiful, and I should be so lucky to get to experience it in this life.

But it is also ridiculously challenging and emotionally charged. You become a chameleon, adapting, learning and sharing experiences across the globe. No two countries or even cities are alike, nor will two moments in Travel ever be.

I pride myself in inspiring, encouraging and entertaining my readers with every post. Not only showcasing the best of travel but also exposing the realities of travel behind the picture perfect Instagram and Facebook pictures that everybody sees.

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My readers are an amazing bunch of people who I have built rapport and trust with. From empathizing with my disastrous border crossing stories to celebrating wins in life like renting my first apartment outside of Singapore. They trust my insight and firsthand experiences on the road. For this very reason, I am absolutely committed to only partnering with brands they can benefit from. Under no circumstance will I ever compromise this trust.

My inbox is always open to queries and ideas that brands and individuals have to generate creative, authentic content with the intent of driving traffic to their websites. But for starters, here are some of the ways we can work together –

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And My Personal Favorite (also how KTW was born out of a passion project): Destination Storytelling

That said, if you feel like you have something else in mind or just want to say hi, feel free to drop me a message at contact@koalatravelstheworld.com 

To get a hold of my updated media kit, drop me a message at the same email address as above.

Thanks again for being here and I can’t wait to collaborate with you soon!