8 Memorable Moments in Chobe National Park

Chobe National Park

Chobe National Park is definitely one of the top of the list of THINGS TO DO IN BOTSWANA – oh my favourite search term for every city I visit. How original of me, I know. Although Chobe National Park is technically the only place I visited in Botswana, a lot sure did happen there, even shedding a few tears. I know, how dramatic. But it was also the first time I was staying in an African lodge!


Turning 28 & 28 Things I Learnt While Travelling Africa

Traveling Africa was never on my travel bucket list setting off on my year long trip around the world. But I guess now that the year has long past and I am still on the road, it’s time to update that bucket list.

In a twist of fate, impulsive habits and a heart full of curiosity, I cut my trip to New York City to 4 whirlwind days and booked myself a flight to Africa.


How To See The Namib Desert On A Budget

Africa is not authentically known as a shoestring backpacker’s destination. But not ready to head home after South Africa, I decide to continue on my quest to see all of Africa on a really tight budget. Wanting to see the Big 5 on safari, the famous Victoria Falls, gorilla trekking and pretty much everything Africa had to offer was not helping my cause. But from my years of backpacking, I realized that where there is a will, there will be a cheap backpacker.

Wait, that’s not how the saying goes? Well then (;


Should I Buy A Tent To Travel Africa?

If you landed on this post, I’m going to go ahead and assume you are going to travel Africa or are currently already in Africa and am wondering why is it so darn expensive to do anything around here. How about exploring camping Africa?

Well we were in the exact predicament a couple months ago. Futile searches across the internet could not give us a concrete answer whether it was indeed worth it to carry a tent across Africa.

While in Namibia, we did some calculations, and figured it would already be worth the value of the tent set over the duration of our 10 day Road trip through Namibia

24 hours later, We bought a tent!


The Ultimate 10 day Namibian Road Trip Itinerary

First and foremost! Oh yes I turn 28 today. One year older, one year wiser … right? Could not be more happy to be in Africa right now celebrating life, love and travels. Okay back to Africa and my travel tales then! Happy Birthday to me! (:

Touch-down Namibia! Country number 35!