Best Place To Be Chill AF In Malawi

Lake Malawi

Travelling Africa, one of questions I ask myself most often is – Will I like ___ place? Is it nice?

Nice. The word that all our primary school teachers tell us not to use in our essays, yet here I am, a self-proclaimed travel blogger, writing to put cash in that wallet, using it to make life decisions.


How An SSD Saved My Travel Laptop


Owning a laptop is pretty common these days. Having said laptop blue screen you at the most inconvenient moment is also pretty common these days. I’ve tried asking Google how to make my laptop live longer. Read many a reddit article on how to preserve it’s longevity. Taken many a precaution to the tune of ‘always shut down before moving laptop’, or ‘don’t shake your laptop, it will corrupt the motherboard’. But I’ve found the answer – Getting an SSD.


5 Favourite Things In My Backpack

favourite travel items

If you’ve met me in real life and seen the 65l backpack on my 1.6m frame, complete with a smaller day pack carried on the front – I will look a little ridiculous.

Depending on where you’ve met me, my bigger backpack can range anywhere between 11kg and 20kg. There are probably a good number of useless things that I carry around (like the broken Gopro! :/) or ‘WILL NEED ONE DAY’. 


A Guide To Visiting Victoria Falls

victoria falls

There’s Niagara Falls in USA & Canada, Iguazu Falls in Brazil & Argentina, and then there’s Victoria Falls in Zambia and Zimbabwe. I don’t get the fascination with these giant bodies of water and why it is every traveler’s dream to visit the waterfall trifecta, until I get there … and I fall in love with waterfalls all over again.

When visiting Africa, you have to visit Victoria Falls.

My first glimpse of it was actually via Facebook when my good friend Huey went to Africa and sent me the sweetest birthday message from the Falls with the help of Snuffles the elephant and a good friend.

5 years later, I was about to visit the legendary Victoria Falls and I could not be more excited.


21 Things I’ve Lost To Long Term Travel

long term travel

If you’ve come here to laugh at my travel misfortune or need a timely reminder to be less careless – you’ve come to the right place. Prancing from one city to the next every 3-4 days also means having to pack up every earthly article I have decided to bring with me on this adventure.