Finally Getting The Hang Of Cuba In Cienfuegos Followed By A Very Stressful 30 Minutes

17-IMG_0311A few days past the 1 week mark of being in Cuba and just about the halfway mark of this trip, I was to arrive in Cienfuegos, a city slightly north of Trinidad. Every day that I was here was one more day I was surviving (well!) without the internet (such a win). I definitely miss its presence but at the same time, the urge to check my phone for updates is starting to wane. Also, the phone battery life is incredible with it being constantly on flight mode. 3 days without charging it seems about right. Every day that passed was also the longest I’ve gone internetless, save for that 8 day Indian Himalayan hiking trip, but internet was the least of my concerns then.

I was finally getting the hang of Cuba!or so I thought.


The Best Beach In Cuba (Hint: It’s Not In Varadero)

58-IMG_0208Happy Leap Year Day!!! And also the end of February! Time really does fly when you’re having fun, um, I mean, travelling around the world. Life has been really good to me, so let me share some of that goodness by telling you where to go for that beach fix in Cuba. Where to get away from all that hustling for an afternoon of bliss and pina coladas under swaying palm trees…


Exploring Colourful Trinidad From Day To Night

13-IMG_0029Despite its small size, Trinidad (yes, Trinidad in Cuba, not Trinidad and Tobago) packs a huge punch in terms of fun. From mischief to get up to in the day, salsa dancing to get up to at night and a bunch of day trips to go off on should you get tired of the town.