Saturday Delights #5

Saturday Delights 5

It’s crazy that half of 2017 has just flown by like that. In my old finance life, it would be closing out Q2 and starting out Q3. Goals are to be re-evaluated, adapted and realigned for the end of the year. July is also slightly nostalgic for me as 2 years ago, July 2015, there I was, clearing out my desk, saying good bye to my 3 screens, sweeping my collection of farm animal soft toys into a box and bringing them home. Not knowing if this was the best or worst decision I would have made in my 26 years of life.


19 Things Asians will do while in Europe for the Summer

Asian Travel Europe 12

It is Summertime in Europe – and it is HOT. The days are long, sweaty and I question myself time and again how Europeans day drink those cold beers without getting tipsy or needing to pee every two seconds. Being on the road for a little while now and unapologetically Asian, I’ve seen many of the stereotypes time and again. I still laugh at them (partly because I can and partly because it looks so ridiculous at times) and even find myself being ‘that Asian girl’ but at the end of the day it is okay. Because summertime in Europe is really the best and we should each be able to enjoy it in our own different ways. I recently spent a good week hanging out in parks and people watching in the name of research. And while I’ve become a worldly chameleon of sorts, there are some instances where I just can’t escape being Asian and succumb to those stereotypes.
Feel free to add to the list or tell me you do some of these too (;


Saturday Delights #4

saturday delights 4

‘Yes hun, I’ll be right there after I’ve loaded the dishwasher and taken the clothes out of the dryer!’ 

Would not be in my vocabulary before traveling the world. None of those two things exist in Singapore and even if they did, would not be used by an Asian household.


21 Things to do in Basel (most of them are free too!)


things to do in basel

Friends! It’s almost the weekend, and I have to say, being in Switzerland for the last 3 weeks has been absolute perfection. Not that Switzerland or the Swiss needs anymore praise after being on lists like #1 Country in the World or Country with the best quality of life – you get the drift. Most people travel quickly through Switzerland as the prices of everything from mineral water to a whole chicken is enough to scare you off with a minor heart attack, but we’ve taken the time to spend some time with our amazing Swiss friends and explore this beautiful country canton by canton (and eat as much cheese and chocolate as humanly possible in the process)

I’ve been in Basel for a good 2 weeks now and I would say it is the most underrated Swiss city! People often think of Jungfraujoch, Zurich, Geneva, Interlaken, Lucerne as hot spots for tourists who want to see everything. Prior to arriving in Basel (it’s Bah-zerl, not Bay-zerl), I knew practically nothing about the city, except that it could potentially be part of a good few basil and herb jokes. But after 2 weeks in the city, I got to know the city really well, even where to get groceries and bread on Sundays. Here’s a list of 21 Things to do in Basel (most of them are free too!) which double as reasons why you should pay this underrated city a visit!


Sights and Sounds from a Bus Window in Uganda

uganda bus

Traveling Africa will give you moments of downright exasperation and moments of inexplicable joy. From local buses that are packed to the rafters before they leave the station to that tied up chicken and goat as your seat buddies to the lack of toilets on the bus itself for overnight bus journey – I had to relearn everything I knew about travel. That is another reason why local travel is so intriguing and humbling. We have to do the journey once, but for the locals, this was their daily commute, their daily life. I’ve been on quite a few local buses both big and small in my 3 months in Africa. There are a few things that remain a constant throughout all these bus rides.

One – There will not be an empty seat next to you, the bus leaves when all seats are filled.
Two – You can pretty much buy anything from the window of your seat.
Three – If you want to observe the local hustle in Africa, just head to your nearest bus station.