16 Experiences Not To Be Missed in Ticino, Switzerland

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Oh Summer time in Europe is one of the best times of the year. Long days, golden sunsets, endless hikes, afternoon tipples and impromptu swims. And I’ve found one of the best places in Europe to do it.
I’ll raise you one if you’ve never heard of Ticino? Prior to spending a good amount of time being based in Switzerland – Neither have I. But in fact, many of the most beautiful views that Switzerland is known for come from that Italian-speaking region of Switzerland! Plus it is the adventure center of Switzerland. From the many freezing rivers with as many shades of green and blue as you can name, to experiencing canyoning, rock climbing and endless beautiful hikes. Ticino has them all (and more!)

I spent 3 days in Ticino but already have 16 Reasons why Ticino should go straight onto your travel bucket list. Plus, check out how easy it is to make it a side trip off visiting Venice, Milan or Zurich.


17 Things To Do In Lausanne, Switzerland

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Lausanne does not immediately come to mind with the mention of Switzerland – and I don’t blame you! With Zurich and Geneva constantly taking top spot on lists like ‘The Most Expensive City …’ and Interlaken, Jungfraujoch and Lucerne being flooded with selfie stick waving tourists. The city of Lausanne does not get much internet time, space nor attention from tourists looking to see as much of Switzerland as they possibly can in the shortest possible time (because you know, due to Switzerland being proudly infamous for being an expensive destination).

But if you are reading this, you either are thinking of visiting Lausanne, already live in Lausanne and want to see if your favorite spot are still kept under the radar or you are trying to determine if Lausanne is worth your time and money.

Short Answer – YES IT IS

You probably don’t need all 17 of these reasons to pay Lausanne a visit but you might find yourself staying an extra few days just to get to them all!

How much does it cost though? Well you might be pleased to know that in expensive Switzerland, more than 10 of these 17 things, are actually are free! But be ready to put in some legwork getting up and down those hills!

You ready? Got in some training on that stair-master? Okay let’s get to it then


Read This If You Get Excited About The Olympic Games Every 4 Years

I can’t even begin to describe my obsession for the Olympic Games which roll around every 4 years. Granted Singapore does not have very many Olympians nor do we take part in as many events as our neighboring countries in Asia, we are extremely passionate about our athletes who make it to the Games.

Olympic Museum Lausanne

But when the Summer Olympics do roll around every 4 years, I make it a point to catch the Games highlights every day. Even setting alarms at crazy times of the night to watch events that Singaporeans feature in. One of the highlights which I will remember for a long time to come, was being in Brazil during the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Games. Where I watched Joseph Schooling clinch the Gold in the100m Butterfly. Literally almost exploded with national pride and excitement in that hostel common room.

So for an ardent Olympic Games fan like me, you’d think I would know where the Intenational Olympic Committee was based, right?