2 Years of Travel in 200 Seconds + (Keep the 29th October, 10pm SGT open)

Today, it will be almost 2 months since I’ve surprised my family at the airport when I landed at Changi International Airport after 2 years of being on the road. (Yes we are the kind of family that goes to the airport for dinners..)

It’s been difficult, to say the least, to concisely put into words what the last 2 years of travel have done for me.

So I’ve put together 40+ countries and 200+ cities worth of highlights in one Epic Travel Video just for you (okay, and a little for the future grand kids as well) narrating the last 24 months of my travels in ~200 seconds.

It took a lot of coffee, EDM music and many power naps.


While I’m riding the wave of taking on notoriously difficult tasks (traveling full time, starting an online business, becoming a travel writer, travel video making to name a few) and challenging myself for the benefit of you guys.

Let’s add another level of difficulty to the pile while we’re at it, shall we?

29 October 2017
Join me at: The Practical Traveler 



Yup, that’s happening. Spread the word.

Are these information sessions for me? Well, if you are any of these people, you should definitely come hang out!

↠ You’re thinking of quitting your job to travel

↠ You want to travel more but you don’t know where to start

↠ You want to travel solo but you’re scared

↠ You are preparing to embark on your first solo trip and don’t know what to expect

↠ You want to know what you should pack to travel better

↠ You are curious how I use KTW to help me stay on the road

Or maybe,

↠ You want to start an online business/travel blog and make some money while travelling (or not) but you need some help


↠ You just want to see me talk on live video and hang out with me


If you know of someone who will benefit from this training session, feel free to share this with them and I’ll see YOU on the 29th!

The Complete Backpacking Budget Guide to South America

budget south america

‘How much does it cost to travel South America?’

Welcome to Part II of this VI part series, if you missed Part I on My journey across South America go back and catch it here. I’ll wait for ya!

This is honestly one of the most common questions I get regularly. It is really easy to give a quick figure like 50USD/day which works out really well (and mostly accurate) as an average, and this post has been such a long time coming sitting in drafts for months. But honestly it varies so much from country to country. I traveled 8 of 13 countries (Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay)  on the mainland of South America, leaving out Venezuela, Paraguay, and the 3 tiny almost unknown countries right at the top of the continent (Guyana, French Guiana and Suriname). For simplicity sake, the daily averages will be calculated in USD. After about 10 edits and even more page refreshes to check that I don’t sound like a crazy fool, let’s get to it shall we?


Best Place To Be Chill AF In Malawi

Lake Malawi

Travelling Africa, one of questions I ask myself most often is – Will I like ___ place? Is it nice?

Nice. The word that all our primary school teachers tell us not to use in our essays, yet here I am, a self-proclaimed travel blogger, writing to put cash in that wallet, using it to make life decisions.


5 Favourite Things In My Backpack

favourite travel items

If you’ve met me in real life and seen the 65l backpack on my 1.6m frame, complete with a smaller day pack carried on the front – I will look a little ridiculous.

Depending on where you’ve met me, my bigger backpack can range anywhere between 11kg and 20kg. There are probably a good number of useless things that I carry around (like the broken Gopro! :/) or ‘WILL NEED ONE DAY’. 


Expecto Patreonum! (Name that movie)

Sometimes when I turn on my laptop and look at the home screen of this site (because that has become my default instead of Google), I can’t believe it’s been a year and a half.

It doesn’t feel real.
Neither does being able to work and write from anywhere which has an internet connection. But I don’t forget for a single day how fortunate I am to be in this position, or where I came from to this.

At least there is a millennial word for it now: hustling.

Also, putting my money where my mouth, and heart, is.