Everything That Happened in 2017

It is kind of crazy for me to fathom than 2017 is indeed coming to a close and in less than 48 hours, 2018 is taking over. I definitely deliberated quite a while before even starting this post. Even taking time to read through my year in review for 2016, split into 2 parts even! (Part One / Part Two). It left me feeling in a puddle of fuzzy emotions and I thought it’d be fitting to do one for 2017 as well.

As cliche as it sounds, 2017 is one of the best years of my life (if not the best). I’ve learnt so much, grown even more as a person. Learnt so many life lessons, experienced them first hand, acknowledged my own privilege, heritage and even become a champion for Asian voices within the travel community. I’ve also returned home to Singapore after 2 continuous years on the road. Life is seemingly the same, yet so so so different. I’ll probably write more on this in another post as this one will probably be more that just bedtime reading (;


2 Years of Travel in 200 Seconds

Today, it will be almost 2 months since I’ve surprised my family at the airport when I landed at Changi International Airport after 2 years of being on the road. (Yes we are the kind of family that goes to the airport for dinners..)

It’s been difficult, to say the least, to concisely put into words what the last 2 years of travel have done for me.

So I’ve put together 40+ countries and 200+ cities worth of highlights in one Epic Travel Video just for you (okay, and a little for the future grand kids as well) narrating the last 24 months of my travels in ~200 seconds.

It took a lot of coffee, EDM music and many power naps.


Let me know which is your favourite scene!

For those who are interested in all things travel, I’ve put together a digital community on Facebook called Asians Abroad where I will facilitate discussions, chat about all things travel and even find you travel buddies!

See you in the group!


Traversing South America In 8 Months – One Girl’s Journey


KoalaTravelstheWorld South America

The numbers on the above map indicate the month of travel of my journey across the continent.

Black arrows are overland bus trips, which taught me a whole lot of patience, self-entertainment, multiple lessons in holding your pee, and how to sleep on overnight buses. My longest bus ride was a good 26 hours from San Pedro de Atacama, Chile to Valparaiso, Chile (yes, still within the same country, and not even halfway through)

Light blue dots are flights which I took, mostly in Brazil, and towards the end of my trip. Some people travel the entire continent without taking a single flight except in and out of South America. To them I say – you have my utmost respect!! Unfortunately I am not one of these people.
Brazil was where I took the most flights in, out and around. To say it is a big country is a major understatement. To put things into perspective, Brazil is approximately the size of Europe, minus the ridiculously fast and timely train network. Add in a language barrier, and travel can be a little challenging here.
Flights in Brazil are not cheap! In fact, they are quite the opposite. Budget flights don’t usually sell for under USD200.
I chose to fly north to Colombia from Bariloche, Argentina after my Patagonian adventures as it would have taken a good 72 hours of bus travel to get to the same place.

Purple arrows are my favorite and is definitely one of my most memorable travel experiences in South America, Hitchhiking.
I spent 5 weeks hitchhiking from Ushuaia, Argentina to Puerto Montt, Chile. Traversing the loneliest road in the world, the Carretera Austral or Ruta 7, in Chile. It is definitely one of the most memorable adventures of my 8 months in South America.
Total distance: 2,500km