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A Day In The Life Of A Travel Blogger

It’s been a good (almost) 2.5 years since I’ve put on office formals, my signature black flats, set my alarm for 6.45am in the morning and do the zombie trot to said office. Between traveling the world from the Americas to Africa to Europe, and writing on this space consistently. I have been getting accustomed to this new so-called freelance life.


[Off The Cuff] This Has Been A Long Time Coming

I don’t know where to start.
Landed in my final country (or 2nd last, still not sure yet) in South America and I can feel my time here drawing to a close. On one hand I am almost ready to leave, or it could be the crazy heat and masochism in Colombia that’s getting to me. On the other hand, I am ready for a new adventure in a new continent.


My Take On Realities Of Long Term Travel and Leaving More Than Just Footprints


Being too busy has always been a thing in my life, and even after a year on the road, yes it has been that long, it still is a thing in my life. But sometimes, being ‘busy’ is merely catching up with my Youtube subscriptions and having a minute to recharge my ENFP tank, and my seeming need for being with people but enjoying my personal space.

Yes I am a conundrum I get that.