The Travel Experience Nobody Talks About

I haven’t written a lot about coming home to Singapore after my 2 years of globetrotting. If you follow me on Instagram, chances are that you’ll still see me all over the world. Jumping from mountain tops, riding cable cars and hanging out with animals. But in reality, I’ve finally unpacked, stowed away the backpack and started my internet bookmarks afresh for new places to dream of.


Catching the blue flames of Kawah Ijen


Barely done with the adventures of Mount Bromo that very morning, not a minute to lose as I was to hike up Kawah Ijen in the wee hours of the morning the next day.

2 consecutive sunrises! Don’t even know who am I anymore !! (;


Mount Bromo without a tour

bromo header final

After the epic Indian himalayan hike of 2012, I’d sworn off any form of hiking. However, since escaping my corporate life recently, coupled with flash sale jetstar airways flights and mountain loving fiends, I mean, friends organizing a weekend trip to Kawah Ijen, I decided to take on another adventure.
As opposed to taking a typical pre-organised tour with transport, accomodation and guides thrown in, I decided to follow in the lead of Kristin of Bemytravelmuse, whose travel adventures I have followed regularly for awhile now and highly admire.

I was going to do Mt Bromo independantly!