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A Perfect Day In Mendoza – Wine, Cycling, Asado


You were always there for me when I needed you, there for me when I am happy, sad, excited or dejected. You always showed up, and everyone knows how important it is showing up, just being there, not saying much, even if just to provide emotional support. And you always manage to lighten the mood, make me feel better at the end of the day/night. Even if I don’t know you as well as you knew me, I just want to take this time to say my most gratuitous thanks.


Crossing the Andes For Wine in Mendoza


Isn’t that a really good reason to be crossing the Alps? Well, with Mendoza being renowned for its wine region and wine coincidentally (or not) being my favourite choice of alcohol, is seemed like a no brainer that I would be headed there, helming my first stop in the next country in South America – Argentina.


11 Things You Must Eat In Sucre, Bolivia


Firstly, where the heck is Sucre, right? Well it is somewhere in the middle of Bolivia and a great place to hang out for a bit, away from the crazy of La Paz, without the humidity of Santa Cruz, great food, cheap prices and plus point, great place to take Spanish lessons, which is like the trifecta of backpacker’s travelling South America.


12 Things You Must Eat In Lima, Peru

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People can be broadly be classified into two categories when it comes to food. Those that Eat to Live, and there’s the slightly more awesome ones, who Live to Eat. Well, sometimes I put myself in the category, Travel to Eat and I have no regrets (;


The Best Cafes In Oaxaca

Best Cafes In Oaxaca (1)

To people outside of Mexico, the city Oaxaca doesn’t come synonymously with food, or even coffee. First, there’s that difficulty of how to pronounce the name Oaxaca – too many A’s in it huh! It’s pronounced ‘Waa-haa-kaa’

Prior to arriving, I did do some research, very minimal though, on the city. People keep talking about the food, moles, the political situation of Oaxaca. But what I didn’t realise prior was that it has a thriving cafe culture as well.