The Travel Experience Nobody Talks About

I haven’t written a lot about coming home to Singapore after my 2 years of globetrotting. If you follow me on Instagram, chances are that you’ll still see me all over the world. Jumping from mountain tops, riding cable cars and hanging out with animals. But in reality, I’ve finally unpacked, stowed away the backpack and started my internet bookmarks afresh for new places to dream of.


19 Things Asians will do while in Europe for the Summer

Asian Travel Europe 12

It is Summertime in Europe – and it is HOT. The days are long, sweaty and I question myself time and again how Europeans day drink those cold beers without getting tipsy or needing to pee every two seconds. Being on the road for a little while now and unapologetically Asian, I’ve seen many of the stereotypes time and again. I still laugh at them (partly because I can and partly because it looks so ridiculous at times) and even find myself being ‘that Asian girl’ but at the end of the day it is okay. Because summertime in Europe is really the best and we should each be able to enjoy it in our own different ways. I recently spent a good week hanging out in parks and people watching in the name of research. And while I’ve become a worldly chameleon of sorts, there are some instances where I just can’t escape being Asian and succumb to those stereotypes.
Feel free to add to the list or tell me you do some of these too (;


21 Things I’ve Lost To Long Term Travel

long term travel

If you’ve come here to laugh at my travel misfortune or need a timely reminder to be less careless – you’ve come to the right place. Prancing from one city to the next every 3-4 days also means having to pack up every earthly article I have decided to bring with me on this adventure.


Turning 28 & 28 Things I Learnt While Travelling Africa

Traveling Africa was never on my travel bucket list setting off on my year long trip around the world. But I guess now that the year has long past and I am still on the road, it’s time to update that bucket list.

In a twist of fate, impulsive habits and a heart full of curiosity, I cut my trip to New York City to 4 whirlwind days and booked myself a flight to Africa.


About The Night That Wasn’t Meant To Be


Okay, now that you have the list of Things to do in Montevideo, we can get on with some storytelling then, because there is so much more below the surface that is grey, foggy and weed infused Montevideo.