It’s been a good (almost) 2.5 years since I’ve put on office formals, my signature black flats, set my alarm for 6.45am in the morning and do the zombie trot to said office. Between traveling the world from the Americas to Africa to Europe, and writing on this space consistently. I have been getting accustomed to this new so-called freelance life.

Mention freelance life and people immediately jump to answering video meeting calls in ‘top half presentable, bottom half pyjamas’ attire. Mid day shopping sprees and/or naps. All the time in the world to attend mid day exercise classes or help others run errands.

While these are all technically true and attainable, what you usually do not see is the inability to separate personal time vs work time. The 4am nights spent furiously typing, the irregular/unhealthy meal times, having ‘no time to exercise’ because you are just either too busy or tired.

So I’ve decided to fill you in a little on what actually goes on in a day in my life! (;

8.45am: Alarm goes off (yes I still have an alarm), decides to snooze till 9.30am because it feels nice. I cannot emphasize how important having a schedule is.

9.47am: Okay, enough snoozing, it’s time to make myself a coffee, because somehow, coffee has become the ‘ON’ switch to my brain and being creative. Flip through social media, read through the headlines of the day.

10.38am: Tackle the Inbox, comments and people I need to respond to within the day. My inbox is quite a mess of colors but at least it’s an organized mess right? I’ve definitely learnt a skill or two from working in the finance industry where emails flood your inbox in the hundreds every day. Imagine Inbox (1024) after a week of not being in the office *shudders. I’m not the type of person with 15,036 unread emails. I like to keep it at a solid 0 but sometimes it isn’t possible. It’s slightly more challenging when I’m on the road since I do go exploring in different cities without Wifi – but hey a little disconnectivity never hurt anyone!

1:30pm: Watch a few YouTube videos while I munch on whatever is convenient for lunch. Maybe post a picture on Instagram or something. Check on Facebook (the blackhole of trash news sometimes, yet a place where all my international friends live)

2.46pm: Get a Google reminder that I have to hop on a call at 3pm

3.00pm: Do said call while walking around the room (for exercise you know! Haha). No I’m not one of those people with a headset and all important hahah (;

3.30pm: Write pitches to a few companies who I would love to work with, write a story creative, continue editing pictures (the 100 GB of pictures and videos I have – yeah, that). I really think the hardest part of putting a post together is – ‘which pictures to use’ and ‘do they look cohesive together!’ Protip: if you want to be successful as a online personality / travel blogger, writing pitches is your life.

4.57pm: I need a nap already but I also know taking a nap now will land me in the timewarp vortex. Definitely am one of those people waking up after a 3 hour nap wondering what year it currently is.

4.58pm: Decide that there will be no naps taking place today. Wonder what am I going to have for dinner today. To go out or cook something or have some sort of instant food. Probably should do some form of exercise too but the creative juices don’t seem to be enough to complete the tasks at hand! ARGH. Flip through (the blackhole of time wasting #2 – Instagram) again. Wonder how much time people actually spend on Instagram everyday

6.01pm: Watch beautiful 747 jets land in the airport from my window. Yes I live pretty close the airport…I think they changed their flight paths or something because I did not use to be able to see the landing action that close! I’m not complaining though, I absolutely look forward to it everyday! And once in awhile the crazy pink sunsets come out to play!

6.16pm: Plane spotting is abruptly interrupted by the doorbell. Don’t recall doing any online shopping recently…but I answer it anyway, hoping it’s something I forgot I bought. It turns out to be something better. The good people at Floral Garage Singapore sent me dinner two beautiful bouquets of flowers and edible arrangements. No it’s not a bouquet of Ferrero Rocher chocolates, but the healthier option (because God knows I need it), a giant bouquet of vegetables! They also got something for my mumma to congratulate her on letting both her children chase their own crazy dreams. Between my brother opening his own woodworking company Calvery Carpentry and me traveling the world full time for 2 years, I don’t know which is more challenging. No doubt getting merch or surprise gifts are part of the ‘perks’ of having an online presence, sometimes earning actual cold hard cash and buying them yourself is even better #truth

6.18pm: Spend the next 5 minutes oohing and aahing at the broccoli, beetroot, carrot concoction (and let’s face it – taking photos for Instagram). I’m not one for the usual flower arrangements, and neither do I have them green fingers (my last office cactus died) but the vegetable arrangement was just too cute to resist. I think they are the only ones who do veggie bouquets in Singapore too!!

6.30pm: I give the sunflower bouquet to my mumma and she immediately wants to rip apart the packaging and put them in water. Eeeks!

6.41pm: Asks mumma if she’s gonna be cooking dinner or I need to venture out to get food. I have still successfully managed to resist all kinds of food delivery (UberEats, Food Panda, Deliveroo, Honestbee… how many are there?!) because food is literally everywhere in Singapore. Maybe I will succumb in days/months to come but as of today, nope!

6.44pm: Mumma assures me she’s going to cook up something delicious. Perfect. Maybe I have some time to watch 1 or 2 episodes of something on Netflix? Or I should go for a quick run. I choose the latter rather unwillingly, but these festive goodies stuck in my body ain’t gonna go anywhere! :/

7.32pm: Back from that run, entirely dripping in sweat ew! Something smells nice from the kitchen but I need a shower first – desperately.

7.50pm: Finds out that my beautiful veggie bouquet has become dinner for me and my fam courtesy of mumma’s cooking! HAHA! I love it! Not only ridiculously festive and happy to look at, it makes for a great meal as well! So fresh and delicious! Thanks for making this freelancer life a little healthier to end off 2017! How yummy does this look!!?

8.15pm: Polish off the last of the veggies and wrap up the last loose ends of the day. Send out a few post dinner emails for people outside the Asia timezone

8.45pm: Check up on social media again only to be bombarded by more baby pictures, engagements and holidaying photos. How lovely. Last I checked, still haven’t gotten engaged or popped a baby. (;

9.12pm: Decide that I’m done with social media for today. Continue on my hand written journal/scrapbook which I have been playing catch up for a while now. Africa’s journey has only been recorded partially! Because living out of a car and a tent, while battling the daily struggles that came with travelling Africa (like no electricity, no wifi etc) just did not leave time for whimsical scrapbooking (;

11.37pm: My hand is done writing. Shower time! Then it’s time to enjoy some of that ChromeCast goodness that I recently got for Christmas. (PS: ChromeCast is the little device that turns your un-smart tv into a smart tv!)

1.35am: Live to fight another battle tomorrow!

Tadaa. That’s pretty much a day in my life when I’m home in Singapore. Anything there surprised you or did not surprise you?

Special thanks to Floral Garage Singapore for sponsoring this post and the beautiful flower bouquets they sent me. I can’t get enough of the veggie bouquet and definitely wish I had that delivered to me on the regular! It’s a pretty awesome gift for that special freelancer friend in your life if flowers are too mainstream. Go check them out! Maybe even do a little preparation for Valentine’s day next year perhaps?

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