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Instagram is one of the most popular, visual, content marketing platforms today. I use it, you use it, the next door auntie uses it. It is  a platform you have to use if you are in the travel industry one way or another. Whether you love it, hate it or completely do not understand it, one thing is for sure – Instagram is here to stay.

This topic has been on my mind, and this post, in my drafts, for quite a while now. I’ve written and re-written it many times, and then returning it back to my drafts. Choosing to be in the travel community, I feel that this has to be said. Feel free to let me know what you think, or if you have anything to add.

So in 2017 alone, every single big travel related media publication has come up with their version of the same article that we keep clicking over and over again. A list of the…

‘Best Travel Instagram Accounts’

Business Insider
Conde Nast Traveller
Four Seasons
Harpers Bazaar
Huffington Post
Matador Network
Metro News
The Culture Trip
Travel & Leisure

What does this mean?

This just goes to show the influence in which Instagram has on the travel community. From consumers – who base their travel decisions and budgets based on how their pictures will turn out on Instagram. To organizations – which reallocate advertising budgets to work with influencers on the platform.

But after looking through all those articles, won’t you agree that there is just one problem?

Why are all the accounts so – White.

Yes, I went there, I said it.

I’m no stranger to these accounts, I follow them too. Heck, I might even think I’m friends or acquaintances with some of them, especially when they return a comment or two (but I’m really not, lol).

These Instagram influencers with massive followings post beautiful wanderlust inspiring photographs from all corners of the earth. Working with international brands, flying business class and mastering Adobe Lightroom editing are all part of the job. 5 years ago, these jobs did not even exist, now everyone wants them.

What used to be a fun platform for everyone to share instant-snaps from wherever they are, has now evolved into a multi-million dollar business

Where’s the diversity though?

Where are the Asians Instagrammers in travel with equally beautiful feeds? Whose work involves breaking stereotypes relating to travel every single day. What about the boldly beautiful Black Instagrammers who work even harder in representing the black community.  Be it on white sandy beaches or in front of world renowned landmarks.

Of all the articles above, this one by The Culture Trip definitely touched a nerve – ‘Most Inspiring Asian Travel Instagrammers You Need to Follow’. I clicked on it excitedly hoping to see profiles of Asian Instagrammers I have yet to unearth. Hoping to follow along their journeys and stories around the world, hoping to find a community I would identify with.

What did I find?

More white Instagrammers whom have visited Asia or photographed locations around Asia. But why though!! Is it that difficult or challenging to find Asians who have their Instagram game on point or are equally if not more inspiring?

Even before I embarked on my life-changing experience around the world, I’ve spent much time researching places to see and cultures to experience. But somehow in these pictures, is always a white girl with blonde hair and tanned skin telling me I should come visit as well.

Being on the road for 2 years, I am often the minority from South America to Africa. I’ve never been more proud to be an Asian travelling around the world, introducing Singapore to the world. Sometimes, even as strangers eyes light up and go ‘Yes I know your country! It’s in Japan, right?’ I almost cannot bear to be the first Asian they’ve met in their lives, who is also correcting their geographical knowledge of Asian countries.

It is now 2017, with the daily talk about diversity and racial equality around us constantly. Shouldn’t it be a good a time as any to showcase a more diversified portfolio of travel inspiration/wanderlust? – Instagram or not.

Travelling the world for the past 2 years, I’ve done my fair share of ‘travel research’ on Instagram. Some to brilliant results, others not so much. In that time I’ve also found some amazing Asian Instagrammers, whose travel feeds involve places I still fantasize about. Since this list doesn’t exist anywhere on the internets, I shall just create one of my own! I’ve curated accounts from South East Asia all the way to North America. If I’ve missed out your favourite accounts, leave them in the comments below! I’m sure I will have a Top 50 list in no time (;

Go ahead, double tap that ish, follow them, ask them how long it took for them to convince their parents that this was a real job
(JK!! #asiantravellerproblems)

10 Best Asian Travel Instagram Accounts to Follow

(in no particular order, go follow them all!)

Christina from Happy to Wander
Instagram: Happy to Wander

Canadian, currently living in Germany. Knows all the things about travelling and conquering social media. What?! Go check her feed and blog out if you want to learn a thing or ten about Pinterest and Instagram and all that ish!

best asian travel instagram accounts happy to wander

Alexis from Alexis Jetsets
Instagram: Alexis Jetsets

Alexis is a Singaporean travel blogger, previously with Miss Tamchiak, but has now branched out on her own going on adventures about South East Asian and beyond! Her feed is filled with all things colourful and delicious!

best asian travel instagram accounts alexis jetsets

Aileen from I am Aileen
Instagram: I Am Aileen

Aileen is one of my favourite Asian bloggers to follow on Instagram. She’s from the Philippines and has travelled to so many countries, despite holding a ‘3rd world passport’. Goes to show where there is a will there is definitely a way!

best asian travel instagram accounts i am aileen

A post shared by Aileen Adalid (@i_am_aileen) on

Mandy from Mandykmli
Instagram: Mandykmli

Repping Hong Kong as a solo female traveller in India, Mandy is out there breaking stereotypes that India is not for solo female travellers. Plus her pictures of India makes me want to head there right now! She writes a travel blog in Mandarin as well!

best asian travel instagram accounts mandykmli

Vins and Yoshke from The Poor Traveler
Instagram: The Poor Traveler

Vins and Yoshke are anything but poor in terms of travel experience and running a successful travel blog! They hail from the Philippines as well and impart great wisdom on budget travel. Although all the currency they use for their budget guides is the Philippine Peso, a few taps on the calculator is much easier than writing out those budget guides yourself (;

best asian travel instagram accounts the poor traveler

Jeanie from Traveljeanious

Jeanie doesn’t have a blog (yet) but her Instagram is full of pictures from the beautiful landscapes of North America. Hailing from the USA this free spirited Californian girl definitely gives me one more reason to hit the national parks of the best coast (:

best asian travel instagram accounts traveljeanious

A post shared by Jeanie (@traveljeanieous) on

Brooke from Roamscapes
Instagram: Roamscapes

Brooke is a fellow Singapore writer/travel blogger who writes beautiful narratives about her travels. Her pictures from Mongolia are especially poetic and her storytelling posts are just on point! Not forgetting her Instagram gallery, which is also ridiculously well curated!

best asian travel instagram accounts roamscapes

Benjamin from Pin That Cloud

Ben can probably be found hiking somewhere in Nepal and India. But he takes time to show off some of that epic beauty from the Himalayas. Singapore is home, but his big travel dreams has sent him on the road, throughout Europe and now the Himalayas, right after graduation.

best asian travel instagram accounts pin that cloud

Eunice from Tang Tales
Instagram: Silver Silhouette

Eunice is a Malaysian law school graduate turned travel writer, on a gap year to explore the world. Her Instagram gallery is filled with crazy beautiful pictures of South America (which I love so much!). Go check out her adventures!

best asian travel instagram accounts silver silhouette

A post shared by Eunice Tang (@silversilhouette) on

Instagram: Koala Travels the World

Okay, I mean, is this list even complete without a little self promotion here guys?! If you aren’t already following me on Instagram, what are you even doing!! (; 2 years of travels and 100 GB of photos later..yes I am home in Singapore. But the adventures on Instagram don’t stop there!

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best asian travel instagram accounts koala travels the world

Tell me some of your favourite accounts below! A bigger list is in the making!

Identify with this? Feel free to share it everywhere and hopefully we will finally see more beautifully diverse accounts in those ‘Best / Top 10’ lists! (;

Best Asian Travel Instagram Accounts Pinterest

9 Comments on What Nobody is Saying about the lists of Best Travel Instagram Accounts

  1. Interesting post! The poor traveler is one if the influencers I follow and truly appreciate the efforts of the realistic budget guides they share! The photos of the other instagrammers are wow!

  2. Thank you for this post! I’m white myself and I’m so sick of tissue of aspirational marketing as well – because it’s blatantly racist, but also just bad for everybody’s self esteem. I see these accounts and start thinking that I will never be good enough to get on that list… I always look for accounts to diversify my feed and have followed you and few others!!

    • Thanks for being here Katharina! Your feed is pretty amazing too! Followed you right back (: It’s time for some diversity on those lists! x

  3. OMG that culture trip headline though!! How did their editor NOT think that would be an issue? Anyway, great list! I love a lot of these feeds 🙂

  4. I’m very particular about who I follow on travel…not a fan if hughly curated and edited shots and I avoid women travel gramd that lack in diversity. The industry is white no need to whisper the obvious but we cant shout out our inclusion. Thanks for sharing a spotligjt ont this 😊

  5. YES. Travel instagram accounts have become incredibly white and boring cuz all the girls look the same. It even goes that far that I see famous travel instagrammers who’s natural hair is brown, dye it blonde… O.o I mean, I’m not sayin’ you’re not allowed to dye your hair but it’s kinda disturbing that all of them try to look exactly alike. Isn’t there something like… originality?
    I’m glad you added some Asian travelers into your article! I only knew about 2…
    Travel is about diversity – so it is only natural that travel instagrammers should be diverse, too.

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