The Travel Experience Nobody Talks About

I haven’t written a lot about coming home to Singapore after my 2 years of globetrotting. If you follow me on Instagram, chances are that you’ll still see me all over the world. Jumping from mountain tops, riding cable cars and hanging out with animals. But in reality, I’ve finally unpacked, stowed away the backpack and started my internet bookmarks afresh for new places to dream of.


2 Years of Travel in 200 Seconds + (Keep the 29th October, 10pm SGT open)

Today, it will be almost 2 months since I’ve surprised my family at the airport when I landed at Changi International Airport after 2 years of being on the road. (Yes we are the kind of family that goes to the airport for dinners..)

It’s been difficult, to say the least, to concisely put into words what the last 2 years of travel have done for me.

So I’ve put together 40+ countries and 200+ cities worth of highlights in one Epic Travel Video just for you (okay, and a little for the future grand kids as well) narrating the last 24 months of my travels in ~200 seconds.

It took a lot of coffee, EDM music and many power naps.


While I’m riding the wave of taking on notoriously difficult tasks (traveling full time, starting an online business, becoming a travel writer, travel video making to name a few) and challenging myself for the benefit of you guys.

Let’s add another level of difficulty to the pile while we’re at it, shall we?

29 October 2017
Join me at: The Practical Traveler 



Yup, that’s happening. Spread the word.

Are these information sessions for me? Well, if you are any of these people, you should definitely come hang out!

↠ You’re thinking of quitting your job to travel

↠ You want to travel more but you don’t know where to start

↠ You want to travel solo but you’re scared

↠ You are preparing to embark on your first solo trip and don’t know what to expect

↠ You want to know what you should pack to travel better

↠ You are curious how I use KTW to help me stay on the road

Or maybe,

↠ You want to start an online business/travel blog and make some money while travelling (or not) but you need some help


↠ You just want to see me talk on live video and hang out with me


If you know of someone who will benefit from this training session, feel free to share this with them and I’ll see YOU on the 29th!

Closing A Travel Chapter with a Hot-Air Balloon Ride in Cappadocia


Returning to Cappadocia and getting to ride in another hot air balloon with Royal Balloon has been an emotional yet reflective experience for me.  I’ve grown and changed so much both as a person and where this travel journey has taken me. Although I did plan my year of ‘escape from my 9-7 corporate life’ to begin in Turkey, I never thought it would come full circle and end here too. From my basket, I looked out over the rising sun in the rose valley, surrounded by colorful hot air balloons. I’ve realized that travel has indeed changed me (as much as I claimed it wouldn’t). I’ve learnt so much in the last 2 years. My whole outlook on life has changed, and I can’t wait to share everything that I’ve learnt about full-time travel and life on the road with you.


The Italian Dolomites, Cortina D’Ampezzo (& How to See it in 4 nights)


Summer 2017 has to be one of my favorite summers to date. I got to see the best of Europe by road tripping through the continent for a month, filled with hikes, camping, splashing in lakes and long late sunsets. It is safe to say that, henceforth the taste, smell or even thought of ham and cheese sandwiches and iced coffee will always bring up images of this dream of a summer. I will also always have Cortina D’Ampezzo, right up there with those epic long summer days.

Is Cortina D’Ampezzo your next summer destination?


16 Experiences Not To Be Missed in Ticino, Switzerland

Ticino Cover

Oh Summer time in Europe is one of the best times of the year. Long days, golden sunsets, endless hikes, afternoon tipples and impromptu swims. And I’ve found one of the best places in Europe to do it.
I’ll raise you one if you’ve never heard of Ticino? Prior to spending a good amount of time being based in Switzerland – Neither have I. But in fact, many of the most beautiful views that Switzerland is known for come from that Italian-speaking region of Switzerland! Plus it is the adventure center of Switzerland. From the many freezing rivers with as many shades of green and blue as you can name, to experiencing canyoning, rock climbing and endless beautiful hikes. Ticino has them all (and more!)

I spent 3 days in Ticino but already have 16 Reasons why Ticino should go straight onto your travel bucket list. Plus, check out how easy it is to make it a side trip off visiting Venice, Milan or Zurich.