Misadventures While Flying & A New Destination


Fun fact: So, flying around the world a lot apparently does not make you better at it, if you are me, then, you steadily get worse and worse at it until maybe one day the ‘time I missed my flight’ might become a thing here.
But the good news is, it hasn’t happened yet. Close, but not yet.

First there was the 1 day earlier assumed flight from Bogota to SF, then there was the snowstorm in NYC that had me exchange about 7 boarding passes and a whole day of not sleeping and being stressed, and now this…


Expecto Patreonum! (Name that movie)

Sometimes when I turn on my laptop and look at the home screen of this site (because that has become my default instead of Google), I can’t believe it’s been a year and a half.

It doesn’t feel real.
Neither does being able to work and write from anywhere which has an internet connection. But I don’t forget for a single day how fortunate I am to be in this position, or where I came from to this.

At least there is a millennial word for it now: hustling.

Also, putting my money where my mouth, and heart, is.


How To Spend 24 Hours In Gramado

Okay, disclaimer – before being in Brazil, Porto Alegre, more specifically, I have never heard of Gramado before, much less imagined it to be a pseudo Christmas haven for Brasileros to flock to for a ‘white christmas’

As proud of South Americans are of their culture and traditions, they definitely are still influenced by the Western festivities and the stereotypes and ideals surrounding them, which is slightly weird for me to be part of, as an objective third party (hey, Asian, am I right?)