What Nobody is Saying about the lists of Best Travel Instagram Accounts

Best Travel Instagram Accounts

Instagram is one of the most popular, visual, content marketing platforms today. I use it, you use it, the next door auntie uses it. It is  a platform you have to use if you are in the travel industry one way or another. Whether you love it, hate it or completely do not understand it, one thing is for sure – Instagram is here to stay.

This topic has been on my mind, and this post, in my drafts, for quite a while now. I’ve written and re-written it many times, and then returning it back to my drafts. Choosing to be in the travel community, I feel that this has to be said. Feel free to let me know what you think, or if you have anything to add.

So in 2017 alone, every single big travel related media publication has come up with their version of the same article that we keep clicking over and over again. A list of the…


The Travel Experience Nobody Talks About

I haven’t written a lot about coming home to Singapore after my 2 years of globetrotting. If you follow me on Instagram, chances are that you’ll still see me all over the world. Jumping from mountain tops, riding cable cars and hanging out with animals. But in reality, I’ve finally unpacked, stowed away the backpack and started my internet bookmarks afresh for new places to dream of.


2 Years of Travel in 200 Seconds

Today, it will be almost 2 months since I’ve surprised my family at the airport when I landed at Changi International Airport after 2 years of being on the road. (Yes we are the kind of family that goes to the airport for dinners..)

It’s been difficult, to say the least, to concisely put into words what the last 2 years of travel have done for me.

So I’ve put together 40+ countries and 200+ cities worth of highlights in one Epic Travel Video just for you (okay, and a little for the future grand kids as well) narrating the last 24 months of my travels in ~200 seconds.

It took a lot of coffee, EDM music and many power naps.


Let me know which is your favourite scene!

For those who are interested in all things travel, I’ve put together a digital community on Facebook called Asians Abroad where I will facilitate discussions, chat about all things travel and even find you travel buddies!

See you in the group!