Everything That Happened in 2017

It is kind of crazy for me to fathom than 2017 is indeed coming to a close and in less than 48 hours, 2018 is taking over. I definitely deliberated quite a while before even starting this post. Even taking time to read through my year in review for 2016, split into 2 parts even! (Part One / Part Two). It left me feeling in a puddle of fuzzy emotions and I thought it’d be fitting to do one for 2017 as well.

As cliche as it sounds, 2017 is one of the best years of my life (if not the best). I’ve learnt so much, grown even more as a person. Learnt so many life lessons, experienced them first hand, acknowledged my own privilege, heritage and even become a champion for Asian voices within the travel community. I’ve also returned home to Singapore after 2 continuous years on the road. Life is seemingly the same, yet so so so different. I’ll probably write more on this in another post as this one will probably be more that just bedtime reading (;


A Day In The Life Of A Travel Blogger

It’s been a good (almost) 2.5 years since I’ve put on office formals, my signature black flats, set my alarm for 6.45am in the morning and do the zombie trot to said office. Between traveling the world from the Americas to Africa to Europe, and writing on this space consistently. I have been getting accustomed to this new so-called freelance life.


What Nobody is Saying about the lists of Best Travel Instagram Accounts

Best Travel Instagram Accounts

Instagram is one of the most popular, visual, content marketing platforms today. I use it, you use it, the next door auntie uses it. It isĀ  a platform you have to use if you are in the travel industry one way or another. Whether you love it, hate it or completely do not understand it, one thing is for sure – Instagram is here to stay.

This topic has been on my mind, and this post, in my drafts, for quite a while now. I’ve written and re-written it many times, and then returning it back to my drafts. Choosing to be in the travel community, I feel that this has to be said. Feel free to let me know what you think, or if you have anything to add.

So in 2017 alone, every single big travel related media publication has come up with their version of the same article that we keep clicking over and over again. A list of the…